mobilSYNC (Second Screen)

Attain The Answers You Need From Your TV Audience. Instantly!

Propel post-campaign surveys and targeted customer research for structured media planning. Ask only the appropriate audiences and take prompt action for concrete results.

Conduct mobile surveys

Analyze content preferences

Get audience feedback

Leverage mobile surveys efficiently to urge real-time customer feedback

Spending millions on TV? Run brand lift surveys to check out your efforts.

Start measuring brand lift metrics such as awareness, recall, purchase intent, and other lead generation with targeted surveys.

Optimize marketing metrics for your TV ads supported customer feedback.

Accurately measure optimal frequency for engagement, effective creatives and videos, high impact shows, and time slots.

Make your media plan meaningful with real-time customer feedback.

Plan perfect TV strategies with rigorous studies of target audiences by demography and content affinity. Make sure your TV campaigns reach them by making a track of back viewership.

Evaluate content and brand preferences among target audiences

Discover your target group based on TV content or ad consumption, and target only them with surveys for your new show.

Obtain feedback from TV viewers

Identify show viewers precisely and conduct mobile surveys to understand their likes and dislikes about your content and ads.

What is in it for You?


Build reach, Target audiences of your competitors, conduct brand lift surveys and optimize your media plan and ad spends.


Attain data-backed insights on TV audiences for any campaign across any industry


The most optimized cross-screen campaigns cause you to reach your target audiences


Assess brand campaign's impact and go full circle with extemporized media plans


Get hyperlocal, discrete viewership data analytics of your shows and target viewers on mobile for quick turnout and feedback.


Acquire individual viewership analytics of your shows at hyperlocal levels of data


Impact TV turnout directly and obtain viewers to modify channels by targeting appropriate content on mobile


Get instant feedback: twitch current shows or create new content based on real-time viewership trends


Supply integrated marketing solutions by linking divergent advertising silos across traditional and digital channels.


Similar marketing solutions to be provided based on appropriate market analysis, TV viewership data, and geo-specific audience analysis.


Connect distinct advertising silos across traditional and digital channels in order to reach priority markets at half the spends.


Plan media campaigns to enhance brand association in real-time, build wider brand awareness, and ultimately generate quality leads.


Access precise data on individual-level TV content consumption, get feedback from target groups, and keep a track on them from the point of awareness to sales.


Attain accurate data on individual-level TV content consumption


Precise surveys and immediate responses on content preferences for target groups


Track a user right from awareness to sales. No need for relying on 'claim' data anymore


Attract target viewers introducing new movie content, conduct surveys among moviegoers, and start tracking promo to cinema conversions.


Identify audiences that are most likely to be fascinated in watching new cinema releases


Advertise promos to the interested audiences and head them straight to ticket booking platforms.


Engage the right target viewers with new movie content, run surveys among moviegoers, and track promo to cinema conversions.

PANEX - Panel Audience Exchange

Leader in AI based Panel Exchange

Focused on estimating and analyzing human behaviours at scale using ADTARBO PANEX across a panel size globally of 100 million plus!

We monitor and analyse all your consumer emotion for media campaigns, websites and physical experiences to help improve Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) or ROAS (Return of Advertising Spend), Customer experience, and Channel conversions across all our touch points. Our technology helps brands measure the emotional responses of consumers on product experiences. EYWAMEDIA turns emotions into actionable insights to help brands optimize their experience journeys and solve real business problems across industries for better growth.

Media Insights

Creative Optimization
Media Planning Optimization
Audience Segmentation

Digital Shopper Quotient

Path 2 Purchase Insights
Conversion Funnel Insights
Product Experience Efficacy
Campaign placement efficacy

Usability Quotient

Usability Insights
Optimal Path Analysis
User Journey Emotion Mapping
UI Elements efficacy measure

Transforming Future with EYWAMEDIA

SSX (Self Serve Ad Exchange)

eCOM O2O (Offline to Online Commerce)

Offline To Online Commerce Enabler

Build Your Online Strategy Keeping Your Store Network at the Core

Why O2O Commerce

Optimized Costs, Enhance Customer Experience & Agility Are Pivotal Differential

Taking Offline-2-Online

Integrating Multiple Channels, Business Models And Markets

Offline to Online Commerce for B2B breaks complexity by combining the management of various business models, channels, and markets. It enables B2B organizations to accommodate a large array of suppliers, distributors, and stores on a single platform while automating sales administration and maintaining the operational efficiency by integrating many existing POS, Loyalty, CRM and ERPs etc to the architecture.

B2C Implementation

Enable Solutions That Allow Consumers To Discover & Purchase In-Store Products B2C marketing with us aims to invoke an emotional response and capitalize on the value of the brand. They can be swayed by numerous factors, including a trendy brand, quality customer service, and social proof.

B2B Implementation

Focused on customizing, maintaining, and implementing end-to-end B2B solutions. EYWAMEDIA offers best practices to complex B2B businesses in a way that is profitable and focused on your success.

Centralized Trading Platform For Retailers & Distributors. Reconcile Accounts In Real Time. Optimize Procurement


Our commerce platform enables a B2B Marketplace model. Build a solution that will allow your Retailers to place orders to your Distributors.

DOX - Digital Optimisation Exchange

DOX Services for a Brand

Expand your online business with the best DOX company. EYWAMEDIA is a prominent DOX service provider, serving customers globally. Our best DOX services with innovative tools, provides the greater value of your investment and enhances your online presence in the SERPs. By employing the best DOX tools and techniques, our dedicated DOX consultants, perform competitive analysis, do keyword research, make strong backlinking, and so on to fuel your online reputation and improve your site ranking.


DOX Services To Multiply Your Search Impressions

Being leaders in the field of DOX Services, we can help your business with proven DOX solutions so that your brand is more visible in SERP. We make use of data-driven techniques that encompass keyword tracking, site audit, competitive research, directory listing, link building, reporting, optimized blog and so on that help grow your business.

Improved Website DOX Ranking

By availing our search engine optimization services, your struggle with Google rankings gets over. We strongly believe that the position of a website is directly proportional to the quality of traffic it delivers. We promise to increase profit for you with the right search engine optimization done for your business. We create a long-term DOX plan that will help boost revenue for your business.

Increase Website Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the long-lasting and best outcome of DOX that is not a result of paid ads. By updating unique content regularly, we ensure to keep your website fresh and relevant. This also increases website authority, thereby leading to increased organic traffic.

Lead Generation Via DOX Services

Our strategists make use of the right keywords to multiply website ranking that generates a good number of leads. If customers like and get attracted to whatever they see, it will automatically turn to leads. Our experts optimize your web pages to generate leads by professional prospects.

Online Brand Recognition

With the implementation of the latest methodologies, we, the best DOX provider strive to bring your brand to the attention of online audiences. When you get higher ranking after investing in DOX services, you automatically tend to get attracted. This obviously gives clients a positive feeling about your products or services.

Our DOX Process

We as one of the high-performance DOX companies track the search engine process to know various aspects of a website to improve its performance. It includes detailed research to identify primary keywords and implement several link building strategies.

A thorough understanding of a website and its competitors is the primary step that we take for each stage of the project.


The relevant terms your audience uses to describe products and services that you offer is a quite beneficial aspect.


Our DOX expert uses the analytics and on-page plus off-page metrics to get the report mentioning the current DOX performance of a website.


It is essential to define target keywords pertaining to the business objectives including a brief project outline and respective opportunities.


It is predominant for enterprise DOX agencies to initially define target keywords pertaining to the business objectives along with a brief project outline and respective opportunities.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search Engine Marketing

We are an exemplary search engine marketing provider that brings end-to-end services to give your business the worthiest level. It is a paid marketing process to drive huge traffic towards the business of digital engagement. Being one of the best search engine marketing companies, we make your business visible online and enhance the 4 chances of making well in local searches.


Productive Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Our search engine marketing service encircles paid promotion activities for better ranking & online visibility. From websites to engaging applications, SEM is a superior marketing strategy to widen the passages for increased online visitors with increased traffic rates.

A leader in this space, we handle each of our campaigns with the utmost efficiency. Our search engine experts conduct integrated campaigns for search engine marketing and utilize advanced techniques to exceed the existing rankings & appear among the popularly searched sites.


We optimize the website’s ranking to drive huge traffic along with aspired online visibility on organic search results.


As a leading search engine marketing agency, we update web-based reports, insights, & data which are based on the comprehensive analysis and research made by our experts.


In the crowd of millions, We make your site visible on search engines by using high-quality keywords for promotion.


We publicize informative, effective, and unique content for online visitors who find them useful and relevant for them.

When online visitors make searches in SERP, your paid advertisements appear on the top. As a leader in this technology, we promote sponsored links on SERP i.e Search Engine Results Pages, and increase profits by multiplying the number of clicks.


We strategize keenly to promote your business with rich-media ads in order to maximize the sales rate and retain instant traffic for your website.


Our experts promote your products or services online among the local audience exactly when they are searching for the same.

Process Emerging To Productive Search Engine Marketing
Online advertising is crucial to maximizing your website’s position on search engine results pages. Rather your web surfers are accessing sites on a desktop, smartphone or tablet, our SEM services are superior to reach them with broadening online visibility on the World Wide Web.

Optimum Keyword Research
Search engine marketing experts in our team analyze audiences behavior to frame the top-most searched keywords for search engine optimization including other promotional campaigns. Keyword research is important for positive results of any kind of business as users can type any phrase to find the relevant information on the search engines.

SEM Landing Pages

We believe the first impression is the last impression and no one wants to miss that chance to amplify the customer retention rate. A landing page is the first page that appears when the users visit on your site. Counted among the top SEM providers, we strategize the SEM landing page to grab customer’s attention at a single glance.

SEM A/B Testing

Our SEM marketing practices are the best as we test the feasibility of our paid campaigns and promotional strategies. With explicit A/B testing, our SEM experts analyze various elements & fine-tune them to generate multiplied conversions from the search engine marketing efforts. We have an ardent team that thrives on the occurred complexities by constantly reinventing the conversion rates and ROI..

Right Link Building SEM Strategy

We, the superb SEM company popularize your sites’ links to rev up the page landing rate with a crowd of manifold online visitors. Our custom-built Search Engine Optimization techniques are favorable to improve rankings, steer online visitors, and boost sales.

Progress Report and Analysis

Marketing activities & their results are primarily analyzed to track their effectiveness. With the in-depth evaluation of ranking, organic paid or unpaid traffic, ROI & conversions rate, and optimized page performance, our search engine marketing experts monitor our work and redefine strategies for revolutionary growth.

Transform Clicks To Leads With SEM

Our transparent search engine marketing techniques favor your business with an improved online presence. With result-oriented campaigning, we influence customers & retain them for your business. SEM constitutes to upraised ranking, brand promotion, multiplied revenues, improved Return Over Investment rate, and so on. As a primary search engine marketing agency, we use PPC that is advantageous to generate instant profits with organic traffic on your site.