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Want to truly understand your customers? Move beyond demographics using psychographics


How well do you really know your customers? Can you really say you understand everything about them –  right from what defines them as individuals from the general audience, to what makes them tick when choosing what to buy or what service to get?

This is a clearly outlining process but one of the companies’ biggest mistakes is assuming they understand their customers’ behavior and preferences when they are actually just guessing. 

If you are owning or running an organization in the B2B sector, it is a must for you and your employees as well to fully understand your customers’ operations and long-term goals so you can offer them the best service ever.

You might be aware that Demographics provide you with the data – age, gender, location, ethnicity, etc. that is used for targeting potential customers. In a few cases, we need to understand that not all have the same taste in purchasing a product or getting their service done. This is when psychographics comes in. 

Psychographics help marketers understand a person’s unique attitude, lifestyle, interests, opinions, and values. Since it is providing amazing information about an individual, it is rapidly becoming a game-changing differentiator in today’s’ digital toolbox.

Benefits of Psychographics:

For the unique ability to match theoretical behavior with actual behavior, Psychographics are being increasingly noticed. These days, businesses that operate in a largely B2B environment are focusing on psychographics as a means to maximize their internal customer data. 

Move beyond demographics using psychographics
Move beyond demographics using psychographics

It has got the ultimate feature where one can interpret online sentiment in an emotional context. Wondering how? By making use of advanced natural language processing (NLP) technologies – like chatbots, voice search, and text summarization.

Ways to Use Psychographics in Your Marketing:

1. Create More Refined Social Media Audiences 

2. Write More Emotionally Compelling Ads

3. Identify New Content Topic Areas

4. Improve Your Conversion Pathways

5. Create More Targeted, Relevant Email Marketing Blasts

6. Revisit and Update Buyer Personas

7. Behavioral Segmentation

Psychographics is one of the most important elements of a customer profile that allows you to delve even deeper to gain an understanding of what motivates your customers to get serviced.

What we do at EYWAMEDIA is not just tech or marketing, but digital craftsmanship designed with your business needs in mind. We help our clients win, sustain, grow, and retain their best customers. With a combination of innovation and collaboration, our digital solutions are built around you and your customers which results in huge success.

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