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Emotional Branding

Emotional Branding – How does it work for your business?


Branding is all about connecting with customers to familiarise them with the specific product. Emotional branding is having those bonds strengthened at an emotional level. This bond between the product and the consumer is stickier. Emotional Branding is a constituent of branding, it deals specifically with the emotion of the customer that makes a direct impact on the profitability of a business.

Emotional branding for business leaves a company with a cutting-edge advantage over its competitors. It helps the brand to create a defining relationship with its customers. Relationship with emotional affection is more likely to resist the temptation to deflect to competitors’ attractive offers. Convincing customers emotionally by appealing to their personal preferences is marketing success.

Only an insightful and personalized engagement can have a powerful bond with a brand, that could evoke a distinct emotional reaction in customers. Marketing brands through social networks make it more relevant because brands could build connections with the customer at a personal level.
Creating an emotional bond with the customer requires more patience and sensibility. A company engaged in emotional branding has to put the need of the customer at the forefront every customers’ need for choosing a specific brand is different. The customers define themselves subtly with the choice they make in their lives and brands they choose to associate with. They expound their personality with the brand preference they have for their mobiles, clothes, perfumes, cars, etc.


Marc Gobe a visionary published a book “Emotional branding – the new paradigm for connecting brands to people” which delineates how emotional branding paved way for Barak Obama into the white house in the US. The emotional idea behind Twitter is transforming the thinking of the whole generation. Marc Gobe clearly predicted the break up of mass media to more targeted and culturally sensitive modes of communication through emotional branding. He discerned this paradigm shift way back in the year 2001. According to him, all five senses play a major role in branding and design. The opportunity that exists to understand the brand positively is directly proportional to the customer’s intention to buy the brand. Some brands have already built a business successfully by engaging in a sensory interaction with the consumer, such as Pepsi, Coke, Mercedes, etc.

To sum it up emotional branding requires consistent communication pivoted around customers’ emotional needs. Every point of contact should reflect the message that the brand responds to the consumer’s emotional needs. Emotional Branding nourishes the company to build its own personality and make familiarity an essential factor in creating brand identity.

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