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The Relevance of Customer Experience in the Telecom Industry


Customer Experience is the key to building a competitive advantage in the telecommunications industry. New consumer requirements and standards are emerging with new norms introduced in telecom. Winning and ensuring customer loyalty depends on the quality and satisfaction of the service. Telecom is a massively competitive industry, for which customer experience management is critical, and personalization is essential.

The COVID-19 pandemic has augmented the telecommunications industry’s working because more people working from home need reliable, 24/7 service and support. Today’s customers depend entirely on customer experience and are no longer guided by brand, product, or price. The Telecom industry must make serious efforts to please its customers. Using AI – artificial intelligence and ML – Machine Learning has become integral for the sector to measure customer service aka customer experience constantly.

The Relevance of Customer Experience in Telecom

Customers want a change, and the Telecom sector needs to do everything that can monitor customer expectations and meet their demands. If even one incident goes bad, customers switch over to prioritizing customer experience.

The industry must focus on the following areas of business that can affect CX:

  • Fulfillment – Accepting orders and ensuring proper service delivery
  • Managing service guarantees, maintaining support costs, and keeping consumption experience personalized
  • Making invoices and receipts accurately, promptly, and in the interests of the customers

Challenges that Many Telecom Experts Face to Survive

  • The challenge of differentiating the customer experience in Telecom and providing a digital experience is essential. Companies must invest in innovative and digital channels to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • The telecom industry must build trust and loyalty and retain customers to survive and thrive in this highly competitive environment.
  • Today, customers expect a high-quality digital experience, and to track CX, companies need to identify issues, work to build trust levels, and ensure satisfaction across multiple channels.

Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience Management in Telecommunications Strategy

1. Omni-channel customer experience in Telecom

The Telecom Industry needs to adopt the emerging trend of intelligent automation, self-service, and other AI-powered tools to stay ahead at the touchpoints of all their customers. It is vital to consistently provide service across all channels through call, sms, RCS, iSMS, live chat, chatbots, virtual assistants, email, notifications, social etc.

2. Advanced Customer Experience Platforms

This helps improve time and cost-effectiveness and involves creating a unified view of the customer across all channels. It is about actively contacting the customer by capturing data about the customer and their usage, reducing actual calls from the customer, or providing self-service options.

3. Understand customer expectations

Providing 24/7 support, easy access to customer service, quick problem resolution, and self-service options through digital services is an important indicator for enhanced CX. Each customer is unique and thus all upsell, acquisition, services, up sell, cross sell et all has to be personalized to drive higher stickiness and loyalty 

4. Order provisioning platform

Companies need to coordinate end-to-end order management and service delivery to provide transparency to all internal and external CX processes. This feature allows operators to build capacity, inventory, and capabilities to meet projected demand.

5. Utilize AI and ML based analysis and data

Telecommunications companies have vast amounts of data at their disposal. Analyzing data through AI and ML-Ops can provide critical indicators and insights to streamline customer interactions and provide vital services.

6. Customer Journey and Experience Graphs

Introducing elements that intelligently map operational & financial networks and customer data is essential for retaining the right customers and driving profits.

7. Empowering Agents

AI and ML empowers telecom agents while delivering live support and enables them to be more friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. It becomes important to personalize customer service experience and engagement to drive the next level of customer experience management through AI, Social media networks, emails, or personal chats.


Transforming the customer journey and thereby experience in the telecommunications industry is an integral asset and a critical concept in the communications plan. It helps maintain relevance in a transforming industry where CX is proactive and helps meet and exceed customer expectations. Customer satisfaction is a crucial driver of Telecom’s customer retention and long-term loyalty, ultimately driving business growth using the right combination of customer data platform (CDP) with omnichannel engagements!

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